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In gay chat, men get to know each other, ideally find each other sympathetic, arrange a first date in real life, fall in love and a wonderful partnership for life begins. Or they get together because both are keen on quick sexual experiences. Whatever the case may be, it depends on the right dating portal how well someone presents himself in his profile and how skillfully he bonds with others in gay chat. You have already managed the first step well: You are on GayTogether. In this article you will learn how GayTogether works and how you can achieve your goals in gay chat.

GayTogether passed the 100,000 member mark just a few weeks after its release, and the trend is still rising. We are an international platform with men from America, United Kingdom, Australia from Canada. You can always look for men with whom you want to have a gay chat, this feature is free and without obligation. There is one restriction: Who has not been logged in for half a year on our hot, lusty and horny planet will get an email from us. In it we ask if the owner of the profile wants to continue. If not, we will deactivate the profile. Thus, our offer to you remains as current as possible. In addition, you can always see whether the gay of your dreams is an active member: You will see for each profile when it landed on GayTogether and when the man was last online.

With a Good Profile You Have the Best Chances of Exciting Gay Chats

You have created your profile and are already curious about who you will meet in gay chat? With a good profile you have good chances that gays from your age group and from your region will address you. You decide: Do I get involved with the other person or is he not to my taste? After all, he took the trouble to contact you and therefore deserves a short, friendly answer even if he is not interested. This way you also protect yourself from further inquiries. If he manages to make you curious, you will answer him. This is how your dialogue in gay chat can develop.

It is often the case that you take the initiative to get the gay chat going and achieve a first date in real life. You can knock with a match, a nudge or a virtual gift in the form of stickers, smileys and emojis. Sooner or later, the content of your first message matters, and it matters a lot.

Your First Message Needs a Topic

Anything is possible here, you can blow all chances or make the other person curious or even keen on you. We dedicate ourselves to the second variant. Put yourself in the position of the other person: If he is attractive, he will get many messages every day and decide in a split second whether he wants to deal with you. So your message should have a topic that interests him. Love, sex, romance, male friendship, blowjobs under the stars? This is all way too big for a first message and no one will manage to conjure up a splendid latte in someone else’s pants with such gigantic topics. That’s not even the point yet.

In truth, everything is much simpler: You can find the topic for your first message in his profile. Don’t think up a topic yourself, he might not be interested in it. Look at what interests you in his profile, what you would like to know more about or where you can discover similarities: Preference for Italian cuisine, for handball, for water sports, for rhythm and blues, for dogs or cats, for vacations in Scandinavia, for whatever. Now you briefly establish your reference to this topic. Then you ask him exactly one question about the topic. Thank him for reading your message and tell him that you are looking forward to his answer. Your first message to the dream gay is ready, your chances for an answer are excellent and the chat among gays can begin.

Of course, only if an answer comes. If not, you ask after two or three days. Do not beg and do not press him. If he does not answer, do not start brooding unnecessarily. Look for other contacts and try again. However, if you remain unresponsive for weeks, you should question yourself. It can be helpful to ask good friends for their advice or to look at tips on the Internet again.